Facebook Page Photos for Women Event Success

When people visit a company Facebook Page, the first thing viewed is top left of page. Update Facebook Page photos at top – both photos, the left side smaller photo where most display company logo and also page cover photo. See mobile screenshot with Android of Social Biz Members Page below.


For company logo photo, upload photo which fits the space provided so easy to read text. Enter brief description about company in area provided. Include event title and one call to action with active event website link. See mobile screen shot for Social Biz Members Insider Events below.


For company cover photo, upload photo with company logo, image of women, font colors easy for eyes to read women event details. For example, messaging which helps describe women target audience, inspirational quote, social media networks where located and website address. Also, enter brief description in area provided with one call to action including active event website link. See mobile screen shot below.


What is your opinion on Facebook Page photos for women event success? Comment below and thank you.


About Brenda Leguisamo REALTOR

Discover Miami Beach Life Real Estate Update to Sell, and Buy/Invest by the Beaches with Brenda Leguisamo, REALTOR®, at RelatedISG International Realty who is a passionate results-driven professional with 28 years innovative business, negotiation and marketing experience. She is a Member of both Miami Association of Realtors® with more than 40,000 Members and National Association of Realtors® with more than 1,400 local associations and 1.3 million members. Brenda is bilingual in English and Spanish serving local, national and international clients and is specialized in selling Southeast Florida properties by the beaches. The referral of family and friends is the finest compliment Brenda could ever receive. Call Brenda at 786-262-5480 today!
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