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Brenda Leguisamo is a social media strategist since year 2006 for developing personal and professional relationships. Since year 2010 serving client’s to increase brand exposure, client retention and business development with local social media connections, specialized in serving leaders who connect for inspired action and social impact. Brenda is passionate results-driven senior executive with 30 years combined international sales and marketing experience. Brenda is specialized in providing sophisticated and conscious social media marketing results. She is bilingual in English and Spanish serving local, national and international customers.

Since year 2010, Brenda is an invited thought leader to speak about topics related to social media, leadership, and real estate marketing at small-to-large companies, conferences, universities, television and radio stations, newspapers, and online media outlets.

Brenda planned, implemented and reported social media strategy for a women’s business conference and led five team members to implement. The team attracted 800 attendees, 30 organization partners and sponsorships.

Brenda co-planned, implemented, analyzed and reported along with 12 small business owners and influencers an annual social media conference in Miami which attracted 900 attendees, 55 speakers, sponsors and media coverage.

Brenda earned a Master in Business Administration from Florida International University in Miami, a Bachelor in Science in International Business and Management from Hofstra University in New York, and an Associate in Business Administration from Queensborough Community College in New York. Also, Brenda studied four years of Computer Programming and Systems Analysis at CESPAD Del Ecuador in South America.

Brenda served as Board Member of Social Media Club of South Florida (renamed Digital Media Assembly), State Director of Florida REALTORS®,  Board Member of Miami Association of REALTORS® and Seniors Real Estate Specialist Council at National Association of REALTORS®. She also served as Board Member, President and Treasurer of Aqua Vista Townhomes Condominium Association and Board Member of Casimiro Global Foundation.

Brenda loves to volunteer for various community causes related to the well-being of children, adults, animals and the environment.

For social media consulting and speaking opportunities, please contact Brenda Leguisamo at email bleguisamo@gmail.com or telephone 786-262-5480.


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