Facebook Privacy Settings for Women Event Success

When first started using Facebook social media network in year 2006, I set my personal profile with some privacy settings because mostly connected with family, friends and some former college and work colleagues.

The privacy settings were set for friends of friends to see my profile. Also, set for people to find me if they typed my name in search area. Until realized benefits of privacy settings as global and share details with you below. See mobile screen shots taken with Android. The privacy setting screen view may look same or slightly different via a desktop, laptop or iPhone.



I then experienced power of relationships on Facebook when several high school classmates took initiative to organize our 20th year high school reunion. The communication about the upcoming event went viral and we had 150 attendees from all over United States celebrating together in New York. We had so much fun!

In year 2009, decided to set privacy settings to global because started my small business Social Biz Members. I attend many conferences, educational seminars, workshops and networking events. It’s important for me because content I share is both about my interests and educational information about women event success with social media relationships leveraging email, social media and event marketing strategies to be viewed easily by everyone interested. I do not post content that do not want world to see because enjoy my privacy and some experiences are best kept to self and/or with others of moments experienced. Everyone has a personal right and responsibility to be mindful when sharing with others what they choose to via offline and/or online. See mobile screen shot below of me sharing fun content about my Halloween costume which within 24 hours resulted in almost 100 likes and 14 comments, at time screen shot taken, Yellow arrow shows a globe for public privacy setting.


I like to add people and accept friend invitations from people on Facebook who are part of similar groups and/or pages of common interest on Facebook. Also, connect if we have several friends in common and/or we’ve met at an event. Finally, if we are connected on other social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare, Google Plus, Instagram and FourSquare.

Focus on quality of connections and not quantity because truly don’t want to waste anyones time if we don’t have some things in common.

A quality state of mind helps me nourish to help strengthen all active personal and professional relationships on Facebook that truly matter.

When share content about a women’s event (conference, educational seminar or workshop) which either a customer and/or I am facilitating, people pay attention because first I pay attention to and engage with the content people share via status updates, photos, and videos.

The results are both stronger relationships and increased win-win exposure for both friends’ Facebook and my personal profiles.

Tomorrow, will share another blog article about women event success with social media relationships as part of 30 Day Blogging Challenge with Social Media Club South Florida where serve on board and club members celebrate 5th Year Anniversary on Tuesday, November 12 both LIVE in Miami and online live stream. Join us free here!

Social Media For Women

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What is your opinion on Privacy Settings for Facebook Personal Profile? Comment below and thank you.

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4 Responses to Facebook Privacy Settings for Women Event Success

  1. bellavidaletty says:

    Focusing on quality verses quantity is great advice.


  2. Never really thought about limiting or setting posting limits on Feibu-you know BB, she talk in blurts. ; ) BB2U Glad you’ve joined the #SMCSFBlog Challenge.


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