your shameless business results now

Do you create shameless business results and also share your excitement with existing clients and new prospective clients?

I believe it is a good idea to do so because it is one way to increase your credibility.

Let’s face the truth about creating positive business results. If you don’t create results for your company nor for your client’s, then what is the purpose to be in business?

For me, one of the most rewarding experiences is when I push myself to reach new heights in my business and life with positive results.

So, why not share the excitement with the world? If you keep your results with the solutions you offer to the world to yourself, then how will you be able to create MORE change with positive results for yourself and for other’s.

I believe in sharing success with everyone who is willing to also push themselves to new heights. When you surround yourself with like-minded business people, your positive energy is aligned and there is no room to give up on creating the results you desire to achieve. You then naturally become an inspiration to each other for continued success.

Below are recent two (2) project results created by my company Social Biz Members, which specializes in super-charging business women live networking event results with online social media networking. At same time makes a difference with 10% sales benefiting non-profit organizations assisting women and children.

Project #1


  • Social Biz Members creates new monthly, every third Wednesday of month from April to December 2013, Social Biz Members Insider Events – YOUR Power Of Social Media Series to educate about proven social media business cases and connect South Florida business women who attend networking, chamber of commerce, seminars, conferences, and alumni association events to thrive with success leveraging power of social media event connections.
  • 10 % registration sales benefits non-profit organizations assisting women and children.


  • Social Biz members identifies South Florida business women organizations, Social Media Speakers and Non-Profit Organizations to collaborate with for win-win success.
  • Social Biz Members creates event email marketing and social media campaign to also include photographs and video.


  • The first event in April 2013 achieved 25 attendees with one month of marketing campaign leveraging word of mouth, event email marketing and social media marketing efforts.
  • Raised $221.19 donations benefited Badges of Courage Foundation from 10% April event registration sales plus badge sales at event.
  • Received positive customer feedback from the April event attendees.
  • Seven (7) attendees from April event confirmed doing business with each other and continuously strengthening relationships.

The next upcoming Social Biz Members Insider Event – YOUR Power Of BLOG Insider Beauty is next week Wednesday, May 15, 2013 from 12 PM to 2 PM Eastern Time in Plantation, Florida and also available global livestream online. 10% registration sales benefit non-profit organization Casimiro Global Foundation. Click to see Program and Register with 20% OFF promo code “SocialBiz” here

Social Biz Members Insider Events Your Power Of BLOG Insider Beauty - May-Early Bird2-sm

Project #2


  • Social Biz Members serves as Board Advisor to Women’s Success Summit founded by Michelle Villalobos. Miami’s largest gathering of entrepreneurial women, renowned experts, and world-class speakers is back, featuring hands-on workshops, live interviews, attendee promotional opportunities, exhibitors, and the latest strategies for your success.
  • Social Biz Members goal is to increase summit awareness and ticket sales for upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday, May 21 and 22 event in Miami, Florida in collaboration with fellow Board Advisors.


  • Social Biz Members creates event marketing and social media campaign.
  • Collaborate with fellow Board Advisors to help spread the word via social media.

Results within 9 days:

  • Achieved 10,845 total published speaker photo album views according to Facebook fan page insights.
  • Achieved two (2) tickets sales with Social Biz Members 20% OFF promo code “SocialBiz.” Will update this blog post with total ticket sales after next board advisor meeting this week.
  • Increased new 211 Facebook fans from 998 to 1,209.

The next upcoming Women’s Success Summit themed Shameless Self-Promotion is Tuesday and Wednesday, May 21 and 22, 2013 in Miami, Florida. Click for Program and register with 20% OFF promo code “SocialBiz” here

Brenda Leguisamo board advisor and partner womens success summit-sm

Feel free to share YOUR shameless business results now in comments below.

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