Events Connect and Strengthen Relationships For Business Success

Since my childhood through adulthood, I am passionate about connecting people and strengthening relationships at both personal and professional events by leading and/or participating in efforts to connect with friends and business professionals for work, play and during crisis. For example with sports teams, card games, travel tours, performing arts, music concerts, comedy clubs, art gallery exhibits, dance team competitions, business graduate school team competitions and alumni events, corporate and small business offline/online training, cross-selling online platforms, 2010 Decennial Census, White House Initiative On Education Excellence For Hispanics, Casimiro Global Foundation,  Women’s Success Summit, Badass Business WomenHeartCamp, Miami Social Media Day, and Social Media Club South Florida, to name a few.


Brenda Leguisamo connected with all Florida International University Business School Graduate classmates on Facebook to begin developing relationships before first day of classes.


Brenda Leguisamo was invited to participate in first-ever Twitter Question and Answer with White House Initiative On Education Excellence For Hispanics.

I am also passionate about connecting people and strengthen relationships during crisis and change management experiences. For example, together with Leadership, Training and Development team at Merrill Lynch, we rescued 250 international new hires before the first Twin Tower collapsed on September 11, 2001. Our team was then trapped in building one block away when one of the Twin Towers collapsed. Teamwork, strength and will to survive enabled us to run for safety during the second Twin Tower collapse so we could then continue delivering training to the new hires two days after the crisis. I then joined the human resource chief operating team to create 10,000 employee severance packages for employees that included outplacement services.

Twin Towers

Little did I know all those personal and professional years of experience combined were preparing me for when I got laid off in year 2008 due to the economic crisis and completing a graduate education with master in business administration. In year 2009 I started my small business to connect business people to strengthen relationships for success and to create new jobs in the economy.

Brenda Leguisamo Social Biz Members Insider Events Speaker Author Strategist-3

At a very early age, I realized computers were the future to keep our world connected. I learned computer programming and systems analysis over 20 years ago, tutored college students in computer science courses and worked on finance corporate technology projects that connected business people both offline and online to increase knowledge and solutions to increase sales and revenue.

Leveraging both offline and online relationship building events is key to business success. Face to face conversations with another human being is priceless. I have met business people both online through email and social media introductions and we have been able to strengthen relationships connecting at live local, national and/or international business events. I’ve also met people face to face then developed strong relationships online. Strengthening relationships both offline and online is essential, but only when both people take consistent initiative to stay in communication in spirit of collaboration and for win-win success.

I am passionate about connecting business people in South Florida and globally, especially business women at live business events as well as social media events. I love to speak and teach business women about leveraging both live business networking events and social media power connections to create conversations that strengthen relationships, increase referrals and sales.

This is reason why I host live monthly Social Biz Members Insider Events to connect South Florida business women to create live networking event results with social media power connections for success every third Wednesday of the month. We also stream the social media presentation part of event globally online. The luncheon events include proven social media for business case studies presented by local South Florida professionals, fun giveaways and many other bonuses. Presentations are about Twitter, Facebook, Blog, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, SlideShare, Instagram, and Pintrest for business success. We also donate 10% registration sales to a non-profit organization supporting women and children. I am proud to share that since the first event in April 2013, many attendees have done business with each other and continue to strengthen relationships with intention to create win-win business opportunities.

I highly recommend for business people to look for and attend events where their ideal customers are present. Many value added relationships for success are created as long as the individuals have aligned intentions to help each other in any way they can.

There are many resources available for business events online. I suggest to choose events you wish to attend wisely so you maximize your efforts to create the business results you desire. For example, I serve on the board of Social Media Club South Florida and enjoy attending the events for three (3) reasons: to learn about fellow members business growth challenges so I help connect them with solutions, to identify social media speakers and potential sponsors/partners for monthly business events for win-win success.

I recently created a blog post with an online video training on 3 Tips To Get 50 Contacts at Live Networking Event here.

3 tips to get 50 contacts at live networking event

Do you attend live business networking events? I would love to hear which one’s you attend and reason why you attend the events? Feel free to include your company name, company website and who your ideal customer is when you comment below.

I look forward to share more free tips on how to connect and strengthen relationships both at offline and online business events.

Social Media For Women

About Brenda Leguisamo, MBA, Speaker, Consultant & Trainer

Discover Social Media Strategy for Business with Purpose, Relationships & Impact. Specialized in Top Trending Business Events. Brenda Leguisamo, MBA, Speaker, Consultant & Trainer is bilingual in English and Spanish serving local, national and international customer's. Brenda is an invited speaker about topics related to entrepreneurship, social media strategy and social responsibility. Learn more here:
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  1. Brenda, please host one of your events in the evening or on a weekend. I would love to attend but work makes it impossible 😦 Inspirational as always amiga!


  2. You rock Brenda! You do an amazing job connecting people : )


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