Power Tip 13 Videos – Social Media For Women Events Success

Power Tip #13 is Videos for Social Media For Women Events Success. Similar to photos, videos also allow you to share fun and value added experiences about your events. One important difference to consider when deciding whether to share photos versus photos is that videos create a more live experience. If you decide to share videos, it is highly recommended to be dynamic so viewers feel your positive energy and are moved to take inspired action. You may share and tag videos with your event Speakers, Sponsors, and Attendees on various social media networks.  Tagging videos enables you to notify each individual and/or company page that you tagged in the photo to see themselves so they are inspired to take action.

For example on Facebook, individuals and companies may click: “Like”, “Comment,” and/or “Share.” Only one of these actions automatically enables your video and event to increase reach to other new potential Speakers, Sponsors and Attendees.

I share below videos created in The Women’s Success Summit Page on Facebook where  Tips for Summit Attendees were shared to prepare when attending the summit.

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