Power Tip 3 Love – Social Media For Women Events Success

Power Tip #3 is LoveSocial Media For Women Events Success as part of Day 3 of Social Media Club South Florida 30-Day Blogger Challenge #SMCSFBlogOff! Sharing your love of people, places and things with other people on social media inspires many to feel a connection with you and your event. Love is a powerful feeling we all have within us to share with the world. Love inspires purpose (See Power Tip #2) and touches people’s hearts to take inspired action both online and offline. You create powerful results for your offline and online events when you love the value your events deliver to the lives of your attendees. If you love what you share with the world, the more impact you will create. See video created by Facebook in celebration of connecting over one (1) billion people worldwide. As stated on Facebook (Via YouTube Channel), “Chairs, door bells, bridges, airplanes. These are things that people use to get together and connect. Facebook is also something that over a billion people around the world use to connect with one another.”

I share my love with messages, photos and videos to celebrate life’s precious moments. For example with the following photos when survived Twin Towers fall in New York on September 11, 2001, family holiday, niece Isabella Leguisamo baptism, and my 41st Birthday celebration. Family and friends were moved to click “like” and/ or comment on the photos. I remember attending The Women’s Success Summit in Miami for the first time (Formerly known as The Empowered Women’s Success Summit Miami), founded by Michelle Villalobos. The two-day event program agenda had topics that were relevant to my professional and personal interests which made an impact for my new business in year 2010. Guests were asked to declare their respective intentions and during an interactive exercise led by key-note speaker, Jessica Kizorek, I learned how powerful expressing my dreams (People I would love to connect with, Places and Things I would love to experience during my life journey) empowers me to take inspired action to create positive change for myself and others I connect with. That day I declared I was going to meet a President of The United States of America by the end of the year. Within two months, I was invited to meet former President Bill Clinton, 42nd President of The United States of America. I almost did not personally get to meet nor take photo with Bill because I was not the only VIP guest in the room. The large auditorium was filled with hundreds of people. I decided that moment that I was not going to miss the chance to personally meet him and take a photograph. When I saw the opportunity to move to the front of the auditorium near the stage, I took it. I then shared the photo on Facebook with purpose to show my connections how powerful people truly are when they are clear about who and what they love (People, Places and Things.) We have the power to share our love and dreams with the world, be committed to make things happen and create everything our heart desires. From that day forward, I decided to be part of The Women’s Success Summit because since that day I continue to be inspired to create personal and professional success. I am honored and proud to serve as fellow Board Advisor, Partner, Speaker Panelist and Social Media Strategist because I love the value the summit delivers in my life and the lives of others. The summit reached a Top Trending Topic in Miami on Twitter the last three consecutive summits when created a social media strategy focused on Twitter Contest engagement. Attendees were inspired to share their respective a-ha moments during summit while compete for various prizes. I was honored to receive the Most Dedicated Badass Award presented by Badass Business Women Organization.

See me in action with mobile phone in front VIP row

The Women’s Success Summit is held twice a year in May and November in Miami. This years summit is themed Work & Play Every Day! It will be held on November 13 and 14, 2012. I invite you to attend and use my secret code for you to receive discount on VIP passes. Use Secret Code = SocialBiz at www.WomensSuccessSummit.com.

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  1. bohemianbabushka says:

    Would soooo be there if I knew I’d be in Miami those days. I know it’ll be stellar.



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