Power Tip 2 Purpose Social Media For Women Events Success

It is day 2 of Social Media Club South Florida 30-Day Blogging Challenge #SMCSFBlogOff!

Today’s power tip #2 is to know your purpose (objectives and goals) when creating an event using the power of social media to attract attendees before, during and after the event. Being clear with your purpose empowers you to communicate with concise and value added messages (content) with your existing connections and potential new connections. Deliver value so your connections value what you are sharing. They will naturally be moved to react to what you share. Knowing your purpose moves you to take inspired action which then creates the results you envisioned. Magic happens when you create connections that are meaningful and long-lasting.

I shared photo below on Facebook AFTER the One Year Anniversary Party of Badass Business Women Organization, founded by Jessica Kizorek, The Chief, with purpose to reach one (1) million Badass Business Women members. I included the website link to the Badass Business Women website and Video “We have a Badass Dream” (See also below) from YouTube. When I saw engagement results created (60 LIKES and 84 COMMENTS), I decided to leverage this success and re-post photo each year when we celebrate the anniversary.

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10 Responses to Power Tip 2 Purpose Social Media For Women Events Success

  1. bohemianbabushka says:

    So… if BB’s vision is to turn her wedding into a social media event- what would you suggest I do? Where do I start? The purpose is to show love and dreams have no age- to always hope and strive for what you believe in. Fun and aspirations don’t end at age 50 and neither does life, and neither will BB. Ahora que? BB2U y Gracias.


    • Brenda Leguisamo says:

      Thank you for your comment love, BB!! You start by thinking about the before, during and after “experience” you want to create for those who will be your guests both online and offline. I am so happy for you!!!


  2. Marlene M Bryan says:

    This is so timely. I have an event concept that I am working out. Thanks for the tip.


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