I’m Done…NOW Social Media For Women Events

You may be wondering, what I mean by “I’m Done.”  It is a long “story,” but I will keep it as short as possible because the intention is that my personal experience will inspire action for many women during their own life journey. What I mean is that I am done playing small and committed to my highest and best to PLAY BIG every moment during my life journey.  I am playing for BIG DREAMS leveraging social media for women events, while making a difference delivering free business marketing and life success seminars in partnership with fellow local small businesses in South Florida.

I was playing small after I got laid off from a corporate job at Merrill Lynch in year 2008. I had worked in small to large international corporations for 20 years and suddenly found myself without a job. Even though I graduated with a Masters in Business Administration and had my social media company since 2010, I was struggling to find the one thing that made me, Brenda Leguisamo, stand out from the competition in the social media industry.  I was trying so hard to find “it” (My gift or niche), that I caused confusion in my marketing communications (Both offline and online) and with everyone I came in contact with when connecting in the community.

I worked on different client projects to support my financial responsibilities, but because my mind was not clear on what my heart truly desired to create for my business and life, there were moments I found myself struggling to make ends meet and borrowed money from family and friends (I am eternally grateful to all of you.)  I felt like a failure, embarrassed, confused, lost and almost gave up on my life journey.

Even though I was smiling and looked happy outside, I really felt like a loser on the inside. Thanks to my spiritual belief and desire to move forward, I surrounded myself with amazing human beings and professionals both offline and online social media network communities. Because I was “plugged” into the community, I was introduced to my business and life mastery trainer Evelyn Lissette Rios of Self Discovery Life Mastery Techniques, which helps guide me, with tough love, to manage my limiting and empowering beliefs. My life has changed completely to the point that I will never look at my life journey the same way as I did in the past. I am conscious and creating massive action results in both my personal and business life while being of service to clients that I love. I have also welcomed business advice with tough love from fellow small business owner’s and friends who make a difference: Michelle Villalobos, Jessica KizorekAndrew J. Cass, Mande White, and Kevin Jimeno.

I share some of my recent personal and professional results! I am and feel more healthy, loving, fun, and creative than ever before. For my health, I take care of what I eat and meditate then go on nature walks in the neighborhood every morning for two hours. In regards to loving relationships with a man, family, and friends, the relationships are more authentic than ever before. I am happy now being real with myself at every moment and committed with my almighty will to PLAY BIG for BIG DREAMS. (See below photos.)


The following are recent exciting business results created!

1. Brenda invited as social media expert on national television new show on Telemundo airing today, October 1, called “Hablemos Claro Con Cuauhtemoc.” (Translated in English, “Let’s Speak Clear With Cuauhtemoc.”) Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez is a best-selling author of 25 books in Latin America. Thanks to fellow social media professional and Board Director of Latinos In Social Media, Ernesto Sosa for the referral. (See photos from studio below.)

2. Brenda hired to create the Women’s Success Summit Guide, a system to take the summit national and international. (See below photo and flyer for upcoming November 13 and 14 Women’s Success Summit VI and register using PROMO DISCOUNT CODE: SocialBiz at www.WomensSuccessSummit.com)

3. Brenda hired to create and update six social media personal and professional profiles in Facebook and LinkedIn to help attract more clients by a fellow woman board member of Casimiro Global Foundation. (See below photo of board meeting and I share October 22 Innovators of Change 2nd Annual Forum where I will help with Twitter stream collaboration. See registration details here http://bit.ly/InnovatorsOfChange2012)

4. Brenda delivers Free Business Marketing and Life Success Seminars in South Florida in partnership with Constant Contact and local small businesses including: International Holistic Center, Florida International University Alumni Association, Northwestern Mutual Financial Representatives (Kenneth Murray and Karla Jimenez), and Pipeline Brickell. (See below photo and see events dates to register here http://bit.ly/BusinessMarketingLifeSuccessEvents)

5. Brenda delivers Private Two-Hour Mastermind Sessions for Social Media For Women, Business Marketing and Life Strategy. (See below photo with testimonial and Apply for Mastermind Session here http://bit.ly/Two-HourMastermindBL2012)

You are invited to join the free SocialBizMembers.com Insider Connection community where you will receive weekly social media for women event success tips, training dates and inspiration for business and life here http://bit.ly/FREEBusinessLifeSuccessSeminars

I would love to hear your feedback. Have you experienced feeling struggle, confused, lost, failure and almost giving up on your business and life? What do you do to manage those moments? Share your life wisdom with our community.

With Love Committed To Excellence,



About Brenda Leguisamo REALTOR

Discover Miami Beach Life Real Estate Update to Sell, and Buy/Invest by the Beaches with Brenda Leguisamo, REALTOR®, at RelatedISG International Realty who is a passionate results-driven professional with 28 years innovative business, negotiation and marketing experience. She is a Member of both Miami Association of Realtors® with more than 40,000 Members and National Association of Realtors® with more than 1,400 local associations and 1.3 million members. Brenda is bilingual in English and Spanish serving local, national and international clients and is specialized in selling Southeast Florida properties by the beaches. The referral of family and friends is the finest compliment Brenda could ever receive. Call Brenda at 786-262-5480 today!
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2 Responses to I’m Done…NOW Social Media For Women Events

  1. I can so relate to this post, and thank you immensely for sharing it. I am also DONE, and striving for that clarity as well.


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