Social Media Tweetup Starstruck Customer Experience at Adrienne Arsht Center

I jumped at the opportunity when the Miami Rat Pack (Ratties) was invited to a Tweetup event to go see City Theatre’s (@CityTheatreFL) 17th Annual Summer Shorts Festival at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County (@ArshtCenter). I love the performing arts and getting together with fellow Ratties, who are a group of friends who drink with a social media problem. Ratties love to go out and share (and create) a good story without self-promotion. Most Ratties (Over 70 of us) met on Social Media, became friends and stay actively connected online and offline. Before seeing the performance, we shared our excitement and increased buzz about Summer Shorts on Twitter (@Twitter) and Facebook (@Facebook) using hashtag #SummerShorts. We then prepared to meet up for the Tweetup and enjoy an evening together at the theatre. This article includes insight on the customer experience with content and community engagement shared on Twitter and Facebook before, during and after the performance. Thank you to fellow Tweetup contributors @morgieborg, @ArshtCenter, @brendaleguisamo, @grantstern, @vicequeenmaria, @antjphotog, @Todd_A_Durkin, @PKK002, @BrandManBart, @ChiAlma, and @veronicapotes. We missed you and thank you again for bringing us together @janiec!

Content Shared and Community Engagement on Twitter


Content Shared and Community Engagement on Facebook

Upon arrival to the @ArshtCenter, I was amazed to see the entire side of the Arsht Center wrapped with The Lion King (@TheLionKing) theme, which was also being featured at the theatre. As I walked through the glass doors, I had the feeling of entering another world and felt the starstruck customer experience. Ratties were welcomed to the beautiful Tweet Lounge that had big plasma screens and comfortable tables with chairs. The screens had live Twitter feeds displayed by Tweet Wall Pro (@TweetWallPro). Ratties greeted each other, then started taking photos to share content and engage on social media before seeing Summer Shorts. We also enjoyed delicious cocktails and wine.

Content Shared and Community Engagement on Twitter 

Content Shared and Community Engagement on Facebook

During the show, it was awesome to also see tweets from backstage by Actor Todd Allen Durkin (@Todd_A_Durkin) as he enjoyed reading live tweets from the audience – history in the making!  The Summer Shorts performance was AMAZING! There were a total of nine (9) short plays filled with heartfelt and very funny scenes. I share my personal customer experience of the show (I won’t give juicy details) with one word to describe each play: Identity, Innovation, Birth, Love, Family, Truth, Orgasms, Death, and Anticipation. 

Content Shared and Community Engagement on Twitter

After the show, Ratties met with Summer Shorts Actors and Producer in the Tweet Lounge. I was speechless and starstruck again. This article is written to record this moment in time so all may come back to reminisce this wonderful experience. Ratties were grateful for the invitation and I highly recommend experiencing the starstruck customer experience at the Adrienne Arsht Center.

Content Shared and Community Engagement on Twitter

Content Shared and Community Engagement on Facebook

Would love to hear about your starstruck customer experience and social media community engagement with your favorite venues.

Stream of Content Shared and Community Engagement with Hashtag #SummerShorts on Twitter

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