The “3 STEP BLUEPRINT” For Business Training Event Profit And Impact Intro

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Many entrepreneurs and corporate executives leverage business training events as a lead generation and sales strategy to increase profits while creating positive local and global impact. The issue many trainers face is not knowing how to easily fill event seats in the training room with ideal clients creating win-win benefits for all. Time is money, and in order to create profits and impact, business training events must focus on the “3 Step Blueprint” For Business Training Events. I will guide you through the path to fill business training event seats and make profit, while remain true to your purpose of sharing business training wisdom to create impact during your events.

In the following introduction to the “3 Step Blueprint” For Business Training Event Profits And Impact, I share one example for each step: (1) The Before Plan: Clarity For Ideal Client, (2) The During Essentials: Provide Service For Inspired Action, (3) The After Requirement: Continuous Engagement. To get your insider connection with more business training event insights released each week, I share link below so you sign up to be first to know.

1. The Before Plan: Clarity For Ideal Client

When planning your business training event, offline and online, it is important to be clear of your ideal client who will benefit from the business training event content you will share. Clarity puts you in a position to create marketing material with copy targeted to your ideal client so you fill seats in the training room. Your marketing collateral with every word expressed during and after your business training event will speak to the heart of your ideal clients’ pain / challenges so you are able to provide examples of solutions for them. No one likes the pressured feeling of being sold to. Therefore, it is essential for you put yourself in your ideal clients’ shoes. When clarity is accomplished, you remain focused with inspired action to serve with true purpose for positive impact. It is a rewarding feeling and a win-win for all.

2. The During Essentials: Provide Service For Inspired Action

During the business training event you must share your wisdom from a complete place of service for each client in the room. The client is in the training room to benefit from your wisdom so he / she resolves challenges they are presently dealing with. It is responsibility of each trainer to serve and deliver high quality content expected so client feels moved to inspired action and positive impact. Enabling your ideal clients to create the change they need for themselves to be their best and achieve continued success is key. If they feel the need for additional guidance and direction from you to reach the success level they are seeking, they will think of you first because you delivered true value during your business training event. Ask your ideal clients what they would like to learn more about to help them move to their next success level. Being of service while listening to your ideal clients brings added value to your client experience.

3. The After Requirement: Continuous Engagement

Stay continuously engaged with your ideal client after the business training event. There are several ways to do this and one example is to continuously ask for feedback from your ideal clients so you demonstrate you truly care about their challenges. The feedback you receive is very valuable to you as you gain insight on their up to date needs. Changing economic and social indicators affect key performance and financial indicators of your ideal clients’ business results. Be aware of the indicators that affect the different challenges your clients’ business faces on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. If you are educating yourself and continuously engaged with existing and prospective clients, then you will be first to address their immediate needs. People love to do business with people they like, respect, and who also listen. Authentic continuous engagement from a place of service with your ideal client positions you in the forefront of your competition.

What are some challenges your ideal client faces and what do you do before, during and after your business training events to serve their needs? Please comment below and share with other’s who will benefit from reading this blog post article.

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