3 Tips To Increase Qualified Leads To Your Company

More than ever before it is important for all your communications to be clear and aligned throughout all your marketing and sales efforts if you want to increase retention of clients and attract prospective new clients. Clarity provides a win-win opportunity for all involved for increased opportunities. Have fun with engaging added value communications so you always stay on top of mind and create success.

I share three (3) tips to increase qualified leads to your company:

Be Clear On How Much Money You Will Make For The Month. With your monthly financial goal in mind, you are able to create clear action steps to stay laser focused (Your time is precious) and achieve success. Have fun making calls, implement marketing campaigns, and talk with people face to face during networking and/or connection events – these will increase your chances to achieve success. When thinking about how much money will make every month, consider all of your personal and professional financial responsibilities that need to be paid as well as how much you want to have in reserve/savings and/ or investment. Also take into consideration how much time you will allocate for research, marketing, making phone calls, sales meetings, attending networking/ connection events, personal development and time for you and your family. DREAM BIG when planning your monthly financial goals so you create the BIG RESULTS for the lifestyle you live and/ or desire to live.  For example, I focus on my $10,000 monthly goal like as if I am playing a game. I played sports most of my life and have a winning team spirit. I also love to challenge myself so I achieve business and life success. I am also driven to serve my clients with excellence for their success.

Have A Clear Target Market Who You Service. When thinking about who your ideal target market, think about:

  • Who do you want to serve that needs your help?
  • Who do you want to help to be part of this winning challenge you are creating for your own company, to achieve financial goals, who at same time may also achieve their financial goals?
  • Who do you want to play on your team?
  • Who do you want to surround yourself with?
  • Who do you want to have fun with, so it is a win-win relationship?

When you are clear who your target market is, then all your communications become easier to create – whether face to face, direct mail, website, and social media platforms. Your unique selling proposition (The thing that makes you different with the product/service you offer/sell) will be clear to your prospective clients and those who know you will want you to hire you because of the value you offer clients. For example, when I started my company, I wanted to create jobs worldwide by helping Membership Organizations with Social Media Marketing Strategies. Many people who I spoke with were not clear who exactly I helped because I was targeting many type of organizations like University Alumni Associations, Chambers of Commerce, and Professional Organizations. In order to create success for clients and myself, I paid close attention to who I was having amazing business and personal relationships with that brought creativity, collaboration, fun energy, inspiration and business results. I love working with heart-centered women and men who work with women. My clients are driven and successful leaders in local, national and international markets. I help clients build solid connections with those whom they love to serve by leveraging the power of Social Media Marketing Strategies for business success.

Call To Action With Added Value Content. When you are implementing marketing campaigns and connecting with people on the phone and/ or in person, you must always have a call to action that is of added value to your target market. Think about the added value content you already know from your own professional experience that you can share with other’s using effective marketing strategies like, but not limited to, email contact management system, direct mail, video, blog, and social media platforms. Let your passion, gifts and light shine through by sharing your priceless wisdom with your target market.  For example, I created this blog with three (3) added value tips to help you increase qualified leads to your company from my professional experience creating seven figure revenue results. I include a call to action for readers to implement the strategies shared and stay connected with me.

Do you currently use any and/ or all of these strategies? Or will you test the strategies in your organization to see your results? I would love to know how they work for you.

© Copyright 2011 Brenda Leguisamo. All rights reserved worldwide.

About Brenda Leguisamo, MBA, Speaker, Consultant & Trainer

Discover Social Media Strategy for Business with Purpose, Relationships & Impact. Specialized in Top Trending Business Events. Brenda Leguisamo, MBA, Speaker, Consultant & Trainer is bilingual in English and Spanish serving local, national and international customer's. Brenda is an invited speaker about topics related to entrepreneurship, social media strategy and social responsibility. Learn more here: https://brendaleguisamo.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to 3 Tips To Increase Qualified Leads To Your Company

  1. Thanks Brenda for your insights – very good post!


  2. Business is a game and we need to play to win! Great post Brenda.


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