The 8 Fundraising / Sponsorship Strategies For The New Economy

There is opportunity for increased collaboration and change for the greater good taking place as a result of the economic crisis. Collaboration inspires and empowers people and organizations to have increased productivity, business success and creation of new jobs globally. I continuously nurture professional relationships off-line and on-line via networking events, volunteer initiatives and social media platforms. I am very excited to share The 8 Fundraising / Sponsorship Strategies For The New Economy that you can immediately implement for your organization! They are creative and diverse success strategies shared by Membership Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations and Small Business Enterprises. The strategies include: (1) Branding Appeal For Qualified Leads, (2) Cultivating Solid Relationships, (3) Profit Sharing & Member Savings, (4) Celebrating Outstanding Members & Faculty, (5) Events With Community Inclusion, (6) Positioning Benefit To Donor/ Sponsor, (7) Silent Auction & Scholarship Fund and (8) Clarity On Amount Needed & How You Will Raise It.  I am grateful to all who contributed as they exemplify exceptional leadership, customer experience and social responsibility efforts enabling business and community economic development for the greater good. The eight contributing organizations are: Badass Business Women, Casimiro Foundation, Discounts For  A Cause, Florida International University Alumni Association, Hallandale Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Mivista Consulting, National Association of Women Business Owners and my company, Social Biz Members. In addition to sharing strategies, I provide information about each organization with their upcoming events so you may stay connected for your continued success.

The 8 Fundraising / Sponsorship Strategies For The New Economy are:

  1. Branding Appeal To Qualified Leads –  When it comes to Sponsorship, authentically tell the potential Sponsor about your audience.  Share with them how your organization could make their brand appealing to your audience.  Make sure the Sponsor understands that your audience will want to buy their product or service.  In the end, a Sponsor wants exposure to qualified leads.  If your audience is appropriately matched to the Sponsor’s brand, it’s a natural fit.  If not, don’t force it.  
  2. Cultivating Solid Relationships – The key to fundraising is solid relationship building and networking! For example, with the successful closing on a recent $10,000 Corporate grant contribution between two of Casimiro Foundation’s advisors and myself, we succeeded in this process way before we even submitted the proposal. We already had a solid relationship from years before we even knew about the grant. Creating and cultivating a solid relationship with your friends and/or people in your network results in amazing things! For this reason, when we submitted the proposal to the Corporation, it was blessed with the solid foundation I had already established in the past with those advisors. The key to securing grants in non-profit is focusing on five (5) things from the donor’s perspective: (1) Who is and what is the entity about?, (2) What is their mission and how does this fit with your organization’s mission?, (3) Study the donor history of giving and who they funded in the past, (4) Avoid submitting any proposal without getting a solid referral, (5) Make sure there is value added and a win-win offered for the donor!
  3. Profit Sharing & Member Savings – We partner with both non-profit and for-profit organizations to increase both funds and brand awareness through socially responsible initiatives. Our most effective strategy includes Discounts for a Cause membership sales with no up front costs and 55% profit share with residual benefits into our partner’s current fundraising and marketing strategies such as events, galas, face-to-face sales, etc.  This has proved to be very effective for the non-profit and for-profit organizations as well as for Discounts for a Cause.  Our primary focus is to keep fundraising simple to raise more funds for the non-profit and reward donors with valuable discounts. 
  4. Celebrating Outstanding Members & Faculty – Annually recognizing the university’s most outstanding alumni and a faculty member for contributions to their fields, the community and their alma mater has proven to be a successful strategy for the Alumni Association in raising funds. Among the distinguished group recognized this year was alumna Monique Hamaty-Simmonds ’96, president and CEO of Tortuga Imports, Inc., alumnus David Cohen ’86, executive vice president and General Counsel of The New York Mets Baseball Club, and alumnus Adam Mark Stewart ’03, CEO of Sandals Resorts. We’ve raised $150,000 over the last two years in support of building a FIU Alumni Center on campus. The event is black tie-optional including a silent auction, cocktail reception, dinner, awards ceremony, and dancing. Our next Torch Awards Gala will take place on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at the JW Marriott Marques-Miami.    
  5. Events With Community Inclusion We support the community as a whole – businesses and residents through Member Directory distribution and Health and Wellness events. We are the connection between the businesses and the city. Our most successful “fun” raising strategy are EVENTS!  Not expensive if you have everyone donate time, their contacts and resources.  Everything else is gravy.  Make sure you connect with all the potential resources you have for the event: printer, place, food, drinks, and someone to take RSVP’s.  Make sure to pre sell tickets, if even at a discount.  Many people buy pre-sold tickets to help support the cause, but never show up. This also helps if its outside and there is rain. Our Shop, Dine, Win… event tickets sold out.  We partnered with a local shopping center to have their businesses offer some hors d’oeuvres or wine and for them to stamp a “passport” that attendees returned to check-in for a chance to win a cruise offered by one of our sponsors (we did not pay for the cruise.)
  6. Positioning Benefit To Donor/ Sponsor – In order to raise money, the conversation needs to focus on the benefit to the organization that will be paying the dollars as opposed to focusing on the need or benefit to the organization that’s asking for the spend. These days, so many organizations, non-profits and individuals have their hand out asking for pieces of a shrinking pie… any company with any amount of money is likely being bombarded with requests. Instead of positioning yourself as asking for a donation or support, you must position yourself as offering true value – even if that value can only be measured in goodwill and Public Relations. Consider it from the Donor/ Sponsor perspective, and always put yourself in their shoes and ask “What’s In It For Us?” This may seem harsh – as I often get push back from people when I tell them they need to offer return on investment to their donors, but consider that it can never HURT to give value back to the organization that’s spending money – and it can position you for a much longer relationship. And by the way, throwing a logo on a program or up on a website simply isn’t very valuable anymore… You’ve got to think of creative ways to give them a real bang for their buck. 
  7. Silent Auction & Scholarship Fund – Our two most successful strategies have been the silent auction at our annual Bravo Awards Dinner (recognizing several women in the community in a unique category) and the Debra Levy Neimark Scholarship Award (NAWBO in conjunction with the Broward Community Foundation and Broward Community College awards scholarships to two female students pursuing a degree in higher education.) Bravo Awards was the most profitable this year raising over $2,000. The scholarship fund is facilitated through raffles that take place at every monthly dinner meeting. NAWBO is a unique and diverse organization where each chapter creates exceptional ideas to fund raise that increases awareness for the chapters.
  8. Clarity On Amount Needed & How You Will Raise It – Get clarity on exactly how much money you need to raise so you take laser focus action steps on obtaining those funds. With clarity, you will be inspired and empowered to communicate the right message with exact amounts needed to the right high potential Donors / Sponsors. Every organization, whether non-profit or for-profit, has financial goals that should be scalable in order to remain a successful business. To create the company financial and sponsorship results desired, each fundraising and sponsorship campaign must be aligned with your company mission, vision and financial target goals by integrating each campaign with your overall company sales, marketing and communication strategies. This helps your company brand image to remain clear in the minds of Donors/ Sponsors for when they are ready to collaborate / support in your initiatives. With clarity and inspired action, you will not feel like you are pursuing the funds because high potential donors/ sponsors will clearly be attracted, and moved to also take inspired action, to your organizations value proposition so they too may be a part of your causes/ initiatives.

The 8 Fundraising / Sponsorship Strategies For The New Economy can be immediately implemented in your organization. This new economy allows for many collaborative efforts between organizations so we may continue to learn, inspire and empower each other for the greater good. The power in connecting through collaboration is that many benefit from the increased circulation of best practices shared to create effective win-win fundraising / sponsorship opportunities for all. I believe when we inspire each other, we become more focused to produce sustainable profitable business growth enabling new job creation worldwide. Please share your fundraising/ sponsorship success strategies by commenting below and share this article with others who may also benefit.

Contributing Organizations:

  1. Badass Business Women is a tribe of edgy, ambitious and vocal female superstars.  We are collaborating, challenging and mentoring one another.  We are inspiring each other to stride forward in the business world with a radiant strength and confident dexterity that is uniquely female. On Friday, July 22, 2011, Make Them Beg LIVE One-Day Workshop will take place for Members of the Make Them Beg Inner Circle. Visit or contact for more info. 
  2. Casimiro Foundation’s mission is to proactively support education, leadership and social entrepreneurship initiatives globally as an effective and sustainability strategy for youth and communities. The foundation is hosting their 10th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner Gala for 150 guests (local and international professionals) on Friday, September 9th, 2011, at the Sofitel Hotel-Miami. The foundation seeks to help expand their global reach to serve youth and adults through education and social entrepreneurship. For Gala Sponsorships, Tickets and information contact Juan Casimiro, Founder and Chairman, at (786) 385-5285 or,
  3. Discounts for a Cause is a national membership-based savings website dedicated to helping organizations create and successfully launch relevant fundraising programs with residual revenue benefits to keep their donors engaged as well as to increase community exposure and presence. Product offerings include very affordable memberships to our savings website offering exclusive deals of up to 50% off at over 100,000 popular brands and services across the United States and Canada. Headquartered in Miami, FL, Discounts for a Cause is actively expanding across the country into new markets. For information on raising more funds for your organization and rewarding donors, contact (786) 471-5009, or visit
  4. Florida International University’s Alumni Association is a membership organization whose mission is to serve the community of FIU alumni, students, and friends by providing lifelong connections to FIU. Membership in the Alumni Association is a great way for supporters of the university to show school pride and establish a lifelong relationship with the university. All graduates, students, parents, and friends of FIU may join the Alumni Association with either an annual or lifetime membership. Join our 24,000 and growing membership base today. For more information about the FIU Alumni Association contact Duane Wiles, Associate Executive Director at (305) 348-4213 or,
  5. Hallandale Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is the ONLY chamber that supports both Dade AND Broward County. We are the southernmost city in Broward and have many members in North Dade County. Visit to join us at one of our upcoming events as our members are the best promoters we have!
  6. Mivista Consulting, Inc. produces Miami’s largest business event for women: The Semi-Annual “Women’s Success Summit” sponsored by Constant Contact, Veritas Wealth Management, and Origins, among others.  This event draws approximately 700 high-powered, ambitious, affluent women every May and November. Sponsorship and partnership opportunities are available to engage this attractive target audience. Visit or contact (888) 531-3830, for more info.
  7. National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), is a non-profit organization of more than 8,000 members that represent women business owners across all industries, founded in 1975. NAWBO offers support resources and opportunities to propel women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power worldwide. Join our upcoming event October 27, 2011, “Real Women, Real Conversations,” hosted by NAWBO and Ameriprise Financial: Our keynote speaker is Suzy Welch, business owner, journalist and author of New York Times bestseller 10-10-10: A Life-Transforming Idea. Suzy will share her strategies to help you make decisions and balance the priorities in your life. Then join our informal discussion and tell us how you’re doing it all. For more information about NAWBO visit or contact  (954) 812-1831.
  8.  delivers systems and solutions to fill seats and monetize events via sophisticated online/ offline social media marketing training programs and private strategy and management consulting service. Connect with Brenda at, (917) 771-9491 or visit

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    Great information for non-profits especially in such a struggling economy.


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