‘A-ha’ Moments at The Empowered Woman Success Summit & Expo Miami May 2011

Inspired enchantment dominatrix! The three words that I feel describe The Empowered Woman Success Summit & Expo Miami on May 19 and 20, 2011. The summit was founded in year 2010 by Michelle Villalobos, Founder and CEO of Mivista Consulting, to bring inspiration to more than 700 women who want to connect with other ambitious, successful women. Men who work with women also attended the summit. Guests learned concrete strategies for getting what they deserve professionally from value added insights shared by many fantastic speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and from each other during the event. There were various ‘a-ha’ takeaway moments during both days of the summit experienced by many. I will share some of mine with you. (See photo of Michelle.)

Jessica Kizorek, “The Chief” of Badass Business Women organization, shared a keynote speech on May 19 that was outstanding regarding elevating your brand. The ‘a-ha’ key takeaway moment for me was that you need to believe in yourself first and then make sure to surround yourself with people who believe in you and cheer for you, no matter what life brings your way. Never give up and have fun too! (See photo of Jessica.)

Anita Campbell, Founder, Editor in Chief and CEO of Small Biz Trends, shared her inspiring story about elevating your audience. The ‘a-ha’ key takeaway moment for me was to stay focused on one niche in the market place so you can strategically create a name for yourself and get noticed for business success. You can then expand your focus after you are known and potentially become a dominatrix! (See photo of Anita.)

On May 20, Eugenia Kim, CEO of Eugenia Kim Hats + Accessories, also shared her inspiring success story. The ‘a-ha’ key takeaway moment for me was to stay focused on your big dreams and be creative so you can implement, implement, implement to create the lifestyle you desire. Potential world domination of a specific market if you too so desire! (See photo of Eugenia with Michelle showing guests some of Eugenia’s hats.)

We were also very excited by the surprise visit from speaker, author and entrepreneur, Guy Kawasaki, who also shared insights from his book titled, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. Guy also gifted guests with a book compliments of Citrix Go To Meeting. The ‘a-ha’ key takeaway moment for me was that women naturally enchant others they interact with and are the driving decision makers in the market place! (See photo of Guy and I with book.)

It is absolutely enchanting when we inspire each other to be the best at what we do so we can feel more empowered to create value and wealth to live the life of our dreams. I am truly honored and grateful to serve the summit as advisory board member, speaker, event partner and social media #ewssmiami Twitter trending topic strategist.

Happy to report the Twitter hashtag #ewssmiami of the summit was listed as a top Trending Topic in Miami both days, May 19 and 20! Many thanks to team who participated in the strategy development and implementation – co-strategists Katy Patao, Toma Rusk and Michelle Villalobos. Thank you also to all participants and guests who attended in person and virtually via tweets. Together, we all inspired the tweet engagement and excitement about the summit which made #ewssmiami become listed as a top Trending Topic in Miami! (See photo of hashtag trending on the map.)

Please share your ‘a-ha’ moments below. If this information was useful to you, please share with other’s who you think may benefit. Thank you.

About Brenda Leguisamo, MBA, Speaker, Consultant & Trainer

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1 Response to ‘A-ha’ Moments at The Empowered Woman Success Summit & Expo Miami May 2011

  1. Jeff Zelaya says:

    Wow! What a great event. These are amazing “aha moments” so glad that you shared them with us. Thank you.

    Jeff Zelaya


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