Holistic Awareness Approach For You and Business™

It is amazing to know there is opportunity for one to be empowered to take effective personal and business daily actions when aware of one’s authentic life priorities (Inner Awareness). It is also amazing when one is aware of the value added surrounding knowledge available to learn from (Outer Awareness), when aligned with one’s authentic life priorities. I call this combined inner and outer awareness a Holistic Awareness Approach For You and Business™.

A Holistic Awareness Approach For You and Business™ enables a multitude of collaborative authentic voices to share amazing passions and purpose with other’s during one’s lifetime. This awareness enables clarity so to identify what one wants to achieve in order to take effective daily actions to foster an economic sustainable lifestyle. Being aware empowers one to effectively identify value added surrounding knowledge which increases creativity and innovation to enable world legacies for global sustainable communities.


About Brenda Leguisamo

Discover South Florida Real Estate Update to Sell, Buy/Invest and Lease by the Beach with Brenda Leguisamo, REALTOR®, at RelatedISG International Realty who is a passionate results-driven professional with 27 years business, negotiation and marketing experience. She is a Member of both Miami Association of Realtors® with more than 40,000 Members and National Association of Realtors® with more than 1,400 local associations. Brenda is bilingual in English and Spanish serving local, national and international clients and is specialized in selling South Florida properties by the beaches. The referral of family and friends is the finest compliment Brenda could ever receive. Call Brenda at 786-262-5480 today!
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